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Ministries at Pohick Church

Find below a directory of Pohick's many ministries.
Each description includes the name of a contact person in case you would like to become involved in a particular one.

20s30s Group20s & 30s Ministry. This young adults group meets once a month for a dinner, fun activity, or service project. Their goal is to support each other in their walk of faith wherever they may be on that journey. Check out their Facebook page: Pohick Church 20s & 30s Ministry. If you are interested please email Jane Rolander at albertsonjk@gmail.com.

AcolytesAcolytes. Serving as an acolyte affords our young people an opportunity to express their devotion by serving at the Altar and may be the means of creating a deeper faith in those who might otherwise have but a casual interest in the Church. Membership is open to students beginning in the 3rd grade. A period of instruction or training is conducted annually. Neil Hogg, Acolyte Director. Go to the Acolyte Schedule.

Agape Works. When parishioners or other individuals need transportation assistance, help with funeral receptions or other material needs, the Agape Works ministry offers them aid and support. Helen Parker, Coordinator.

Alpha. Begun at Holy Trinity, Brompton Road in London, this course has since spread around the world, offering an introduction to our Christian faith to those seeking spiritual nourishment. Pohick offers this dinner series once or twice a year in the evenings. Bruce & Beth Baird, Coordinators.

Altar GuildAltar Guild. The work of the Altar Guild consists of preparation for, and cleaning up after, every Eucharist celebrated at Pohick. The Altar Guild also assists with baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals. Realizing the privilege of serving at the Altar, each member dedicates herself and her work as an offering to God, to whom nothing but the best can be given. Judy Sunderland, Director. Go to the Altar Guild Schedule. Go to the Altar Guild Customary.

Boy Scouts of America. Troop 899 was chartered at Pohick Church in 2014 under the sponsorship of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew. It meets weekly on Thursday evenings, 7 - 8:30 pm, and over certain weekends for campouts and other scouting events. Dan Derbes and Greg Wilson, Church liaisons. Go to Troop 899's Facebook page.

BSABrotherhood of St. Andrew. The Pohick chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew is one of the nation's largest and most active groups. Its members are involved in a wide range of activities, both within the parish and beyond. The Brotherhood meets every Saturday morning, 8–9 am, for breakfast, devotions and Bible study. Doug Smith, Director. Go to the Brotherhood of St. Andrew Page.

ChoirChoirs. From the beginning of the Church's history, music played an important part in the worship of God. The Pohick Choirs seek to provide justsuch a ministry, rehearsing throughout the year to enhance our weekly liturgy, enjoying the company of other parishioners with similar interests, and growing both musically and spiritually in an ever deepening appreciation of worship as the center of life. Linda Egan, Minister of Music.

Coffee Hosts. Following every Sunday worship service, refreshments are served in the Coffee Hostlower level of the parish house. Volunteer hosts and hostesses serve coffee, tea, and light refreshments for parishioners and guests who gather for fellowship. Funding for coffee is provided by the vestry and the Episcopal Church Women. Nancy & Jud Bireley (7:45 am) and Lucy Look (9 and 11:15 am), Coordinators. Go to the Coffee Host Schedule.

Community of HopeCommunity of Hope. Trained lay chaplains serve in this pastoral care ministry, visiting those members of the congregation and others who are either homebound, in the hospital, or in a retirement or nursing home community. The COH mission at Pohick is to take Christ’s love to those in need of comfort and care by establishing a community of lay chaplains who are united in prayer, inspired by Benedictine spirituality and equipped with skills for pastoral care ministry. The focus is on the ministry of presence and prayer, engaging in the simple, profound healing act of listening. “Care of the sick must rank above and before all else so they may truly be served as Christ, who said, ‘I was sick and you visited me’” (Matt 25:36; The Rule of Benedict, Chapter 36) Nancy Bireley, Coordinator.


Docent Guild. Members of this group are schooled in the history of Pohick Church. Its members take turns giving guided tours of our historic building on Sunday mornings and at special events. Nancy Sage, Chair. View Historical Notes about Pohick Church. Go to the Docents Schedule.

Episcopal Church Women (ECW). The ECW provides opportunities for all women to service both the church and the community. Much of the work of the women occurs in two guilds. Both are involved in many outreach programs and funds are raised at different activities throughout the year to support these programs. A main fund-raiser is the Christmas Mart which is held on the third Thursday in November. In the fall we join all the Episcopal Church Women in the Diocese of Virginia for our annual meeting. Helen Parker, Diocesan Liaison.

  • Ann Mason Guild. The Ann Mason Guild meets monthly at 9:30 am on the second Tuesday, except during the summer. Angela Edgemon, President.
  • Martha Guild. The Martha Guild meets as announced at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays, except during the summer. Connie Myers, President.

Episcopal Young Churchmen (EYC). Pohick has a Primary EYC for students in the fifth through sixth grade, a Jr. EYC for students in the seventh through eighth grade, and a Sr. EYC for those in ninth through twelfth grade. All three groups participate in service projects, trips, retreats, and, of course, outings that are "just-for-fun!" The usual meeting time is on Sunday evenings in the Parish House. Rusty Booth, Youth Minister.

Flower GuildFlower Guild. The Flower Guild arranges for the flowers used at the Altar. This committed group is responsible for decorating the sanctuary for Sunday services, festival days, weddings and funerals. Rita Stankwitz & Micheyl Bartholomew, Co-Directors. Go to the Flower Guild Schedule.

Foyers Groups. Pohick Foyers groups were formed several years ago to promote fellowship among parishioners and as a way to introduce new members to those who have been here a little longer. The covered dish affairs are held at a group member's home approximately every month within each cell group. All are welcome to participate. Cynthia Jacobus, Coordinator.

Golden Dove Gift Shop. Launched in October of 2013, the Golden Dove Gift Shop offers Christian themed gifts at an attractive price. Proceeds benefit the outreach of the parish. Pam Nelson, Director. Go to the Golden Dove Web Page.

Greeters.The Greeters welcome both Visitors and parishioners on Sundays, providing them with hospitality and special attention. Greeters are available to invite visitors to coffee in the Parish House, direct them to Sunday School classes, the Nursery, etc., and to introduce them to the clergy and other parishioners. Becky Wagner, Coordinator. Go to the Greeters Schedule.

Guild of the Christ Child. The Guild of the Christ Child works towards improving our nursery facilities and planning more activities for the young children and their parents. The Guild supports families after the birth of a child and at baptisms and confirmations. Jane Goeller, Guild Queen.

Historic FoundationHistoric Pohick Church Foundation. Formally known as the Pohick Church Endowment Fund Inc., this organization is a nonprofit charitable corporation that was established in 1983 for the purpose of maintaining and restoring the historic Pohick Church building. The goal of the Endowment Fund is to provide a source of funds to ensure the continued viability of Pohick Church without unduly burdening the operating funds of the parish. Peter Kind, President.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs). The LEMs consist of communicants in good standing, who are approved by, and serve under the direction of the Rector. They participate regularly in the Sunday morning services, and at other times such as the Daily Offices, the Stations of the Cross, funerals, Holy Week services, and so forth. Rick Nelson, Coordinator. Go to the LEM Schedule. Go to the LEM Customary.

Newcomers Group. Members of this group welcome newcomers to our congregation, introducing them to other parishioners and distributing to them packets of information about the life and worship of Pohick. Susanne Leon, Coordinator.

Outreach. Through various drives and special events, the outreach ministry of the parish supports several local institutions committed to helping the needy in our community. These include the Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC), United Community Ministries (UCM) and Operation Friends. We also sponsor the Gunston Partners program, which pairs parishioners and other volunteers with students from Gunston Elementary School for tutoring sessions held on Tuesday evenings, 7-8 pm, during the school year. Carney McCullough, Coordinator.

Parish NurseParish Nurse. The Parish Nurse Ministry is grounded in the idea of holistic health, which implies that physical health is an integration of body, mind and spirit. The parish nurse’s role is NOT hands-on-care or duplication of other services, but to creatively bridge gaps in the health care system. The vision for the parish nurse at Pohick is to promote wellness and prevent disease in the parish community by ongoing communication with parish staff and members regarding its health needs and concerns. Such things as monthly blood pressure screenings, a blood drive, a flu shot clinic, and teaching a CPR course are being done or planned for the near future. Judy Schmid, Parish Nurse.

Planned Giving Foundation. A branch of the Stewardship Commission, this organization seeks to educate parishioners and friends on how they might support the ministry of Pohick Church through bequests made in their wills. Wayne McHargue, Director.

Pohick Post

Pohick Post. The monthly Parish Newsletter, which is produced and distributed in both electronic and hard-copy forms. It contains columns from the clergy, program staff and wardens, as well as information about upcoming events. Lori Buckius, Carmel Hodge, editors.

Prayer Shawl Ministry. This tight-knit group creates shawls and lap robes for those in need of spiritual and/or physical comfort due to illness, injury, personal loss or other stresses.  The ministry works with the clergy and the Parish Nurse ministry to ensure that those in need may be comforted by a prayer shawl. The Ministry meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm (except during July and Aug) to knit and/or crochet together. Kathy Kirkland, Coordinator.

Single Adults Ministry. This group meets regularly for fellowship and participation in social outings as a means to develop close Christian friendships and mutual support. Bill Bland and Nancy White, Coordinators.

Tellers. The tellers are volunteers who take responsibility for seeing that all Sunday collections are properly accounted for and safely deposited in the bank so that they may be used for the ministries of the church. Mike Morgan, Coordinator. Go to the Tellers Schedule.

Sunday School. Pohick has a robust Christian Education program for students of all ages, both on Sunday mornings and during other times of the week. For additional information, see the Christian Ed page. Frances Sessums, Director of Christian Education.

Ushers. Ushers greet arriving parishioners, direct persons to their seats, lend assistance when needed, direct the flow of communicants to and from the altar, distribute alms basins and return offerings to the altar, and answer questions about the church. These functions are performed as unobtrusively as possible with the dignity appropriate to worship and with an attitude of thanksgiving. David Billingsley, Head Usher. Go to the Ushers Schedule. Go to the Usher's Customary.

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The mission of Pohick Church is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, to advance the role of the Episcopal Church as an active participant in sharing the Gospel, and to create a nourishing Christian community of worship where Christ's love is experienced and taken beyond its walls.

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