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Music from Pohick

Two hours of encouraging uplifting music made by Pohick musicians.

Fiftieth Anniversary Organ Recital

Sounds of Pohick 2019

The charm of the children of the St. Francis Choir, the beauty of the bell choir's ringing, the intelligence and care of the St. Cecelia St. Alban Choir, the glory of the full Choir of Pohick, the Pohick Pickers' encouraging artistry and collaboration, and the majesty and mystery and sense of order and beauty conveyed by our beautiful pipe organ.


This week, the world is ablaze in a firestorm of anger and rage. Although reasons are obscure, muddled, and confusing, I would suggest that the twin traumas of pandemic and racially charged deaths have led to expressions of pent-up frustration and fear. Much of the rage seems unspecific, directed at an unknown target. Unaware of the root of their anger, some lash out indiscriminately, taking down innocent bystanders in their wake. Others seize the moment for their own purposes. …
Read more: Pastoral Letter to Pohick Church

At-Home Vacation Bible School

This year Pohick will have a virtual At-Home Vacation Bible School program due to the Covid-19 virus. Volunteers and staff will miss seeing all the children sing, laugh, learn, and grow together this summer at VBS. Still, Pohick hopes it can offer children, ages 3 years to 6th grade, the very best alternative with this At-Home VBS program, Knights of North Castle!

Preregistration is required. Read more and register in the VBS Registration Form (PDF Download).

Recent Sermons

The first chapter of Genesis emphasizes that humankind is created in God’s own image – and that humankind is “good.” Images deeply influence how we are formed. The God we imagine is the God we emulate. In cultivating our “religious imagination,” we contemplate the essence of our Creator, and we become like Him. Yes, as lofty and improbable as it sounds, you and I were created to look like and act like our Trinitarian God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- in a dynamic, eternal relationship of mutual love.…
Read the sermon: Made in God’s Own Image, Humankind Is Good

If you’ve travelled to the Holy Land, maybe you’ve seen the desert monastery perched precariously on the edge of a steep cliff near Jericho. You may have wondered why on earth those early monks would choose such an inhospitable, practically unreachable, place to build a place of prayer.

In one direction, all you see for miles are sand and rocks, with shimmering heat waves rippling over the horizon. Wild animals lurk there. In another direction is the distant Dead Sea, where nothing lives. …
Read the sermon: Solidarity with Jesus in the Wilderness

“Do you know Jesus Christ? Have you accepted him as your Lord and Savior? Are you born again? Do you believe the Word of God is inerrant?”

If we’re Cradle Episcopalians, or former Roman Catholics, mainline Protestant or agnostic, then this rather personal, romantic line of questioning about how we experience the Holy might make us squirm. We might become a bit defensive, even critical. On the other hand, if you come from an Evangelical or non-denominational background, questions about practicing the liturgical, sacramental life seem a bit stilted and rigid. … What if fully experiencing the Holy calls us to stand between the two extremes? …
Read the sermon: Experiencing the Holy Through Lenses of Transcendence and Immanence

Once again, rockets fly back and forth between Gaza and Israel. People are injured and killed daily, and terror reigns. We can’t help wondering if the time is coming when the rockets are finally able to reach the Holy City of Jerusalem. Some worry that Christ’s second coming is imminent. But haven’t we always, in every age? …"
Read the sermon: Time Matters

As our family toured Italy this summer, our daughters marveled over the sheer volume of paintings and sculptures of Christ and the Saints. As the girls observed their lives through generations of art and story, “the eyes of their hearts were enlightened with new wisdom and revelation.” …
Read the sermon: Joy: The Defining Mark of a Saint

Once upon a time, a physically challenged young woman with an unlikely dream relentlessly badgered the recalcitrant legal heir of a dilapidated estate to sell it. As the story goes, seven exhausting years later, she won her case. The worn-down landowner finally capitulated and sold that property. …
Read the sermon: Persistence in Pursuing Providence

A Sewanee professor, monk, priest and author Martin Smith, had a mischievous way of engaging students’ imaginations to grasp the meaning of a passage. During one preaching class, Martin actually had us re-enact today’s Gospel story of the bent -over woman. …
Read the sermon: Bent and Bound to Loosed and Liberated: A Return to Sabbath

As we approach the anniversary of our nation’s birth and our Declaration of Independence, we would do well to pay attention to our colonial ancestors’ hard-won freedoms. …
Read the sermon: Freedom and Responsibility

It’s hard for some of us to hear that God created the human race to be happy. It may shock you to hear this, but joy is what God longs for us to experience. Many feel unworthy, unable, or unwilling to believe that God made us to be happy. …
Read the sermon: Our Joy is God’s Delight

The people of Israel believe those who experience affliction are being punished by God. They assume if someone suffers, they deserve it. Jesus also knows they’ve been struggling with His message of human repentance and divine mercy.…
Read the sermon: Thirsty Fig Trees Bear More Fruit


George Washington: First in war, first in peace — and first at the church he built.

The Washington Post covered the transition of our church's historic vestry papers. Read the full article.

"Amid the book’s bureaucratic minutiae recounting day-to-day church operations is a handwritten entry from 1762: 'Ordered that George Washington Esqr. be Chosen and appointed one of the Vestrymen of this Parish….'

It’s the first mention of the future first president. Washington’s name would crop up periodically over the next 23 years, the time he spent on the vestry. At the same time he was helping to run a church, he was helping to build a nation. …" Read more

Welcome The Rev. Alex Allain, New Assistant to PIC/Rector!

It is with gratitude to our Lord that I joyfully announce the call of The Rev. Alex Allain as our new Assistant to the Priest In Charge/Rector. A Natchez, Mississippi, native, a 2009 graduate of Millsaps College, and a 2015 graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary, Alex will be moving to Northern Virginia … Read More

Pohick welcomed four into the Body of Christ on All Saints Sunday, rejoicing in their baptisms!

We baptized and joyfully welcomed four into the Body of Christ this Sunday, as we celebrated the Feast of All Saints! Pictured are our newest saints: Heidi, Violet, Theodore, and Robert — and their families!

Posted by Pohick Church on Monday, November 5, 2018

During the Colonial period, Pohick Church was the congregation of many of our country's most prominent families, including the Washingtons, Masons and Fairfaxes.

Today, as a vibrant parish of several hundred members, we continue their tradition of Christian worship, study and service in the midst of this historic building and its wooded estate.

As you browse through this site, we hope you will catch some of the "Spirit of Pohick"—a Spirit of joy that springs from our common life in Christ.

Please visit us in person, either to worship with us or to join in one of the many events described on these pages. You will be most welcome here in this holy place where past, present and future come together in a unique and inspiring way.

Come be a part of history in the making!

Sunday services 7:45 am, 9:00 am, & 11:15 am

9301 Richmond Highway
Lorton, VA 22079
(US 1 & Telegraph Road)

703-339-9884 (Fax)

The Reverend Dr. Lynn P. Ronaldi
Priest In Charge

Upcoming Services & Events

Special Events

As of Wednesday, March 11, 2020, all churches in the Diocese of Virginia will cease holding public worship for two weeks, until March 25. At that time, the Diocese will reassess the pandemic situation and provide further guidance.

Lent Schedule

Download the Lent 2020 Schedule (PDF) to see more events and details.

Sun., Feb. 23

10:15 am Six-week Lenten Study on Love, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation, led by Marleen McCabe, Vestry House

Tues., Feb. 25

5 pm Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, given by Pohick EYC

Saturday Diocesan Visioning Sessions

Feb. 8, 1 pm Calvary, Front Royal

Feb. 15, 1:30 pm Good Shepherd, Burke

Feb. 29, 10 am St. Peter's, Arlington

Please register on the Diocese of Virginia website.


Wed., Feb. 26

7:30 am, 4:30 pm, and 7:30 pm Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes, Pohick Church

Wed., March 4

6:30 pm Lenten Supper Series, Theme: Reconciliation, Speaker I: The Rev. Martin Smith, Common Room

Followed by 8:00 pm Taize and Healing Eucharist. Programs for all ages, nursery provided.

Sat., March 7

9 am - 3 pm Annual Vestry Retreat, St. James Episcopal Church Parish Hall

Wed., March 11

6:30 pm Lenten Supper Series, Theme: Reconciliation, Speaker II: Common Room

Followed by 8:00 pm Taize and Healing Eucharist. Programs for all ages, nursery provided.

Sat., March 14

5 pm St. Patrick's Day Dinner sponsored by Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Common Room

Wed., March 18

6:30 pm Lenten Supper Series, Theme: Reconciliation, Speaker III: Common Room

Followed by 8:00 pm Taize and Healing Eucharist. Programs for all ages, nursery provided.

Wed., March 26

6:30 pm Lenten Supper Series, Theme: Reconciliation, Speaker IV: Common Room

Followed by 8:00 pm Taize and Healing Eucharist. Programs for all ages, nursery provided.

Wed., April 1

6:30 pm Lenten Supper Series, Theme: Reconciliation, Speaker V: The Rev. Martin Smith, Common Room

Followed by 8:00 pm Taize and Healing Eucharist. Programs for all ages, nursery provided.

Fri./Sat. April 3/4

Shrine Mont Volunteer Weekend

Holy Week

April 5 (Palm Sunday)

7:45 am Eucharist

9:00 am Eucharist + Procession of Palms in Courtyard

11:15 am Eucharist

Maundy Thursday, April 9

6 pm Celebration of The Last Supper and Footwashing

April 10 (Good Friday)

12 noon Good Friday Liturgy and Stations of the Cross

April 12 (Easter Sunday)

6:00 am Easter Vigil at Dawn, with Baptism

9:00 am Holy Eucharist II, with Full Choir and Trumpets

10:15 am Easter Egg Hunt

11:15 am Holy Eucharist II and Baptism

Sat., April 18

Pohick Pickers' Spring Dance

Sun., April 26

Cultural Awareness Event: Ethiopia

Weekly Services & Activities


7:45 am, 9:00 am, & 11:15 am Services

10:15 am Adult Inquirers Class (newcomers and seekers) in Annex, Taught by Rev. Lynn Ronaldi

10:15 am Youth Confirmation Class in Classroom C, Taught by Rev. Alex Allain

Youth Group: See Schedule

Eucharist at The Fairfax, 3:00 pm
Healing Service (Eucharist and Anointing) at Pohick Church, 6:30 pm (Not on Wed, Jan 1, 2020)
** Note: There are no services on Wednesday, January 1, 2020. **

Boys Scouts, Troop 899, 7 - 8:30 pm

Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Prayer & Bible Study Breakfast 8-9 am

Strength Training, 9:15 am
Yoga Class 10 am

Directions to Pohick Church

From the North:

Take I-395 south to I-95 south to the Fairfax County Parkway exit towards Lorton. Head East until the Road ends at US 1. Turn right and proceed to Telegraph Road. Turn left at this light and make an immediate right into the Church parking lot. If that lot is full, proceed 1/8 of a mile and turn right into the church's lower parking lot.

From the South:

Take I-95 North to the Mt. Vernon exit (#161), just after the Occoquan River, towards Lorton. This ramp becomes US 1 North. Proceed about three miles to the corner of US 1 and Telegraph Rd. The Church will be on the right. Turn Right and into the parking lot immediately on the right.If that lot is full, proceed 1/8 of a mile and turn right into the church's lower parking lot.

From the West:

Take the Fairfax County Parkway to the Rolling Road exit. Proceed East on Rolling Road across I-95 (just prior to this overpass the road becomes Pohick Road) towards Lorton. Proceed all the way to US 1 and turn left at the light. Go to the next traffic light, which is Telegraph Road/Old Colchester Road. The Church is on the right. Turn Right and into the parking lot immediately on the right. If that lot is full, proceed 1/8 of a mile and turn right into the church's lower parking lot.

About Pohick Church

The mission of Pohick Church is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, to advance the role of the Episcopal Church as an active participant in sharing the Gospel, and to create a nourishing Christian community of worship where Christ's love is experienced and taken beyond its walls.

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