Who  We Are

The Gay News Network, Inc.(GNN) creates electronic  media programming to meet the unique news and information needs of the  gay community and presents fair and accurate images of sexual minorities.

GNN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization.  Based in  Washington, DC, the independently produced, multi-award winning television show, "GNN," covers the diverse gay and lesbian community through a continuously growing national  network of reporters, television stations and volunteers.

Volunteer Staff Biographies

Joe Liberatore - Creator & Executive Producer

Holly Landau - Host

Randy Legersky - Producer

Tony Barney - Director

Jim Croman - Sr. Editor

Bill Corey - Videographer,  Lead Camera

Kevin Harney - Technical  Director & Lighting Director

John Schlosser - Audio Engineer

Anna Kramer- Crew Coordinator, Floor Director

Tom Butts - Newsreel  Managing Editor, Assistant Camera

Luce Deluna-  Segment Producer & Editor

Bob Connelly - Field  Reporter

Francki DiFrancesco, Field Reporter

Franklin Maphis, Field Reporter

Betto Ortiz, Culture  & Entertainment Reporter

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The #1 Gay and Lesbian Cable Show in America

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