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Handy-Dandy OJ Simpson HyperLinks

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Real News & Info on the OJ Case

CNN's Coverage of the Trial

CourtTV OJ Coverage

How OJ got Framed

Why OJ is Guilty

The OJ (and more) Page

Another OJ Page

The Private Life of OJ Simpson

Thoughts of OJ

Dmitri's O.J. Simpson Trial Center

Time Magazine's O.J. Simpson Info-Page

Newsgroup: alt.fan.oj-simpson

OJ Humor on the Net

Ballstar -- OJ Parody Song - A strange parody of SmashMouth's Allstar. Weird!

OJ Up Front - OJ spills his guts, and tells the truth for once! SHOCKING!

Kill OJ in JAVA - The New Millenium makes it easier to kill people

Vote OJ DOWN - Now you can take a survey and become guilty too!

OJ I Am by Dr. Seuss - Even Better than Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I am!

OJ in The Peoples Court - Where YOU decide that OJ is guilty!

What OJ's Gotta Do - Ice Cube gives us an inside look at OJ's situation

The OJ Legal Pad - AKA "Judge Ito, Eat My Burrito! Page"... It's wacky!

OJ's Horoscope - Check out this week's Horoscope readings & predictions.

His OJ Simpson Parody - An actual court hearing document, with a few changes... (hee hee)

David Letterman counts down the TOP TEN on OJ... read 'em and weep!

More Top Ten's - Shake a Stick at these hot mamas!

The Official Unofficial O.J. Simpson Web Page - Just a bunch of wierd funny stuff you can see and read.

OJ Anagram - This is an anagram of OJ (Orenthal James Simpson). It list a chronology of events all in anagrams based on OJ's name.

OJ Products & Household Items

If OJ didn't... - A new book with convincing statements that make OJ seem innocent!

The Perfect Alibi - A new book that will help you to realize that buying "If OJ didn't" was a mistake!

A list of books on or about OJ - 79 Books already! Check it out!

I Killed Nicole Brown Simpson - Get your own t-shirt stating your guilt, and feel good about it!

OJ-Free Zone Buttons - Make sure no one talks about OJ when you're around.

Other/Misc/Bit Bucket

The OJ Page - OJ must be popular. Mister Meister wants your vote.

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