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OJ Simpson Stars in Lawyer-Referral Commercials
March 19, 1999 USA Today

OJ Simpson, whose 1995 murder trial captured the attention of the entire country, is on the verge of making a commercial comeback with a series of television spots for a lawyer-referral service. In the commercials, which promote 1-800-LAWHELP, Simpson will urge viewers in need of legal advice to call the toll-free service. The service was started by Justice Media, which says its soliciting attorney who have experience representing the "minority community." "He'll attract people's attention, and he had lawyers who represented him well, so is he a valid spokesman for the service? Sure," said Cheryl Munson, creative director of Visions USA, an ad agency that specializes in African American Advertising. According to Stephen Jackson, a lawyer representing the referral service, Simpson will help the service attract callers as well as other lawfirms.

OJ gets his own Miniseries December 7th, 1998

Attorney Vincent Bugliosi is making a 12-hour TV miniseries that he says proves O.J. is guilty of double murder. Of course, the big problem, finding an audience that hasn't already heard everything there is to know about the case-- I mean, besides, the 12 original jurors.

OJ is G U I L T Y ! ! ! February 5th, 1997

In a stunning reversal of fortune, a civil trial jury found O.J. Simpson responsible for the brutal murders of his ex-wife and her friend, Ron Goldman. Simpson faces no jail time, as he was acquitted of the murders by a criminal jury in October 1995. But following Tuesday's unanimous decision he could lose much of what remains of his fortune, built during his playing days and as a TV personality and actor. His wealth reportedly dwindled to $3 million from the $10.8 million he had at the time of his 1992 divorce from Nicole Brown Simpson.
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