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The Top Ten List

"Screw-ups in the O.J. Simpson Defense"

"Screw-ups in the O.J. Simpson Defense"

As presented on the 8/3/95 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN

10. Referring to O.J. as "The Meal Ticket" in front of the jury
9. Lately, only asking witnesses how they liked "Waterworld"
8. Demonstrating how difficult it was for O.J. to fit into several of Marcia Clark's outfits
7. Letting F. Lee Bailey conduct cross-examination after happy hour
6. Shouldn't have let O.J. publish book called "I Want to Kill You"
5. Unable to keep a straight face when they say their client is not guilty
4. Asking Judge Ito "where were you on the night of the murders?"
3. Keep mentioning that O.J. wouldn't mind sharing a cell with Hillary Clinton
2. Should've gotten O.J. on the jury -- so he could be dismissed!
1. Keep mispelling DNA

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Friday, August 4
Music group Weezer

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